Get all your questions answered here!

Q: Are your items made to order (MTO) or ready to ship (RTS)?
A: Most (if not all) of our items are made to order.

Q: What is your current turn around time?
A: Out current turn around time is 3-4weeks, so please choose your sizes accordingly.

Q: How do I wash my items?

A: Was with like colors on cold, and line dry or tumvle dry on low.

Q: Are you in compliance with the CPSC?
A: YES! I am proudly in compliance with the CPSC! 

Q: Do you take custom orders?
A: While we like to view ALL of our items as custom, we do not take orders for items or fabrics that are not listed on our site. You are more than welcome to email us with your suggestion. We will review it and decide if it fits well with our vision.

Q: Will you ship to my country?
A: We ship to all states in the continental US as well as all countries abroad. Shipping prices my vary depending on your location, and Stone's Throw is NOT accountable for any customs fees that are incurred upon entering your country of origin. 

Q: Do you ship to APO/FPO?
A: OF COURSE! As a seasoned Air Force wife that has lived abroad I know the ins and outs of shipping to APO/FPO. Our check out system is all set up to accept your APO/FPO address, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us through our FaceBook Page (@StonesThrowApparel) or our email (StonesThrowApparel@gmail.com).

Q: Do you accept returns/refunds? 
A: Yes and no. As per our TOS you have 7 days from arrival to contact us with your request for a refund. The item must be in it's original packaging and unused OR if there was a fault on our part (i.e. sending the wrong size, flaws in fabric). The customer pays for all shipping costs (unless the mistake is on us) and the shipping cost will not be refunded. If you would like an exchange the same rules apply, original packaging, unused condition, customer pays all shipping costs.

Q: How can I get my child featured on your site/FaceBook/Instagram?
A: First off, email us! Email us your high resolution photos of your child, we will asses if they fit with our vision of Stone's Throw, and post them. Please be sure to leave your IG handle so that we may tag you properly! IG: @StonesThrow_Apparel.

Q: Your shop is for boys, does that mean you won't feature my daughter?
A: OF COURSE NOT! Here at Stone's Throw we understand that little girls might like our style too, and that is WONDERFUL! While our rep teams may be only boys, we welcome all babes to be featured on our FaceBook, Instagram, and site. We love to see them sporting their Stone's Throw Apparel no matter their gender! For more info on why we have stuck our toe into the boy brand niche see the About Us section.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us through:
Our FaceBook Page: @StonesThrowApparel
Our Instagram: @StonesThrow_Apparel
Our email: StonesThrowApparel@gmail.com